Here is more of Muriel’s description of her time in the field (Metepec, Mexico, 1970):

Doing fieldwork is difficult.  Often, I would climb the hillside to look out over the town and to contemplate.  The steep rutted climb was precarious.  Every hand-hold would dislodge more remains from the ancient Aztec temple that had long ago been destroyed by Spanish settlement.

Metepec sherdsP

I was instantly struck by the scoring that was on some of the sherds as it was evidence that the molcajete was a form that had been used for centuries and is still used.

Chili Grinder 2

Ceramic molcajete, TU1969.1-17.  Note the tripod legs.

Everyday People, Everyday Pots

(Located on lobby level of Gladfelter Hall right outside of the Anthropology Lab.)

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