Play time

When looking through the storage drawers in the Temple Anthropology Lab, the Rose Collection is hard not to notice.  Mrs. Robert E. Rose of New Jersey, collected many interesting artifacts during her extensive travels.

In 1967, in her later years, Mrs. Rose donated her wonderful collection to the Lab.  She described her travels in a letter:

“As I’ve wandered over the world and have visited about 45 countries there might be things of interest for you, gathered as I dawdled, because my interest is human geography and I’ve wandered from schools to prisons, houses and hospitals including leper colonies, as well as ruins and antiquities and present day homes.”

As promised, here are a few of the Peruvian toys from the Rose Collection.

TU1967.2-116, Toy dog, Peru, wood, wheeled, carved, tinted red and yellow

TU1967.2-113, Baby's rattle, Peru, gourd, incised and tinted

TU1967.2-117, Toy of man on horseback, Peru, wood, wheeled, carved

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